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Video of the Month: Kevin Horrigan

Posted by Brian on 1st October 2011 in Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitarists, Video of the Month

Another product of the guitar program at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, Kevin Horrigan also took first place in the 2011 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championship.

Update (October 10th, 2011): Kevin was kind enough to write and provide further biographical information:

Kevin won the 2011 International Finger Style Guitar Championship in Winfield, KS, as well as the 2011 Canadian National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Kingston, ON. Kevin is the only person to have won first prize at both competitions. He graduated with High Honors from UW-Milwaukee in 2008 with a BFA in Finger-style Guitar Performance, studying Finger-style with John Stropes, and Classical with Rene Izquierdo. While it may not be immediatly apparent in his music, his favorite genres of music are Roots Reggae and Afrobeat, and his favorite band is The Fleet Foxes. Kevin is currently working on his debut record “Self Oscillation,” which will consist of 12 original compositions, including Lion’s Lament. At this point, it is an independent project. DOB: 7/21/83

Here is Kevin playing “Lion’s Lament”:


Kevin Horrigan’s website:

Kevin Horrigan’s YouTube channel:

Video of the Month: Ben Kammin

The second video of the month this month is a nice tune called “Sleepytime” played here by Ben Kammin and written by Alex DeGrassi. If you are a decent fingerstyle player and have ever wanted to try DADGAD tuning then this tune is a great place to start. This was the first DADGAD tune that I ever learned and it was from watching another video of Ben playing an excerpt from “Sleepytime” that I was inspired to learn it.

The tune is pretty straightforward, except for the bridge section where you need to get a “four-over-three” feel. Otherwise this tune is all about creating a mood – there are no flashy pyrotechnics – you just need to play cleanly and let the notes ring for as long as possible. Transcriptions are available from Alex DeGrassi’s website.

Ben Kammin is a graduate of the Fingerstyle Guitar program at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.  He lives in Flagstaff, Arizona where he teaches guitar and does research for UWM.

Ben’s Website:

Ben’s YouTube Channel:

Alex DeGrassi’s website:

Video of the Month: Macyn Taylor

Posted by Brian on 14th March 2011 in Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitarists, Video of the Month

Macyn Taylor is an up-and-coming young guitarist who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Biographical information is sketchy, but I’m pretty sure that she’s not more than seventeen years old. Despite her youth, she is a brilliant fingerstyle guitarist who is studying guitar at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

This is her version of Simon Fox’s “The Fisherman”

Macyn Taylor’s website:

Macyn Taylor‘s MySpace page:

Macyn Taylor‘s YouTube channel:

UWM guitar students’ YouTube Channel: