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Posted by Brian on 22nd July 2012 in General Music, Musicianship, Practice, Quote Unquote, Technique

Quote, UnquoteThis quote was referred to in a discussion of great rhythm guitarists at

“A lot of cats don’t work on their rhythm enough, and if you don’t have rhythm, you might as well take up needleoint, or something.”

— Prince in an interview with Guitar Player Magazine

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Posted by Brian on 19th May 2012 in General Music, Practice, Quote Unquote

Quote, UnquoteI came across this quote reading an excellent article, “How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?” at Bulletproof

“If you practice with your fingers,
no amount is enough.
If you practice with your head,
two hours is plenty.”

— Leopold Auer upon being asked by violinist Nathan
Milstein how long he should practice each day.

The rest of the article talks about the importance of being engaged while you practice and discusses the the pitfalls of the “typical” practice routine and the importance of breaking down your material into small bits and really analyzing your playing as you work on those small chunks.

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Posted by Brian on 18th April 2012 in General Music, Quote Unquote

“When I heard those bluegrass harmonies, I just lost my mind. And I also recognized that it was something I could do, which is a wonderful feeling. I thought, that’s how I play guitar, that’s what I do!”

–Gillian Welch, on hearing bluegrass for the first time

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Posted by Brian on 25th January 2012 in Composing/Songwriting, Guitar, Music Theory, Musicianship, Technique

While thumbing through the January 2012 edition of Acoustic Guitar magazine I came across two quotes on the importance of learning theory and technique and one on the importance of NOT learning theory and technique – interestingly from someone who has an excellent grasp of musical theory, but has chosen not to apply it to his guitar playing:

“There may be a time when you want to express something that’s more complex, and it would be nice to have that available to you if that were the case. And there are times when just the simplest of chords is going to be the most satisfying, and you would want to know that that moment had arrived. I think the more technique you have, the more choices you have.”

–Paul Simon

“There are so many musicians that come up, so many girls with great voices and great lyrics, and they play their instruments and they haven’t learned them enough. All they can do is work with four or five chords. That’s why I am really lucky and eternally grateful that the order of events happened in the way they did: I learned the neck up and down, and then when it came time to sing over stuff, I had a world of stuff I could throw at my voice to sing over”

— John Mayer

“If somebody walked up to me and pointed to a note on the guitar fretboard and asked me what it was, I wouldn’t have the first idea. I’ve deliberately left certain things vague about the guitar, because I like the primitive aspect of the way I play and think about the guitar. I never think about what key I’m in. I just start to play and hope for the best.”

— Elvis Costello

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“To be a virtuoso, one of the most important things you must have is as close to a perfect sense of rhythm as you can.”

Pepe Romero


“It is very important to work on the tone you have with your right hand [picking hand], to give emotion to a tune… Many guitar players don’t really take care of the right hand, but for me the right hand is producing the music”

Jacques Stotzem

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Posted by Brian on 25th May 2011 in General Music, Performing

“First of all, you have to be honest and acknowledge it. Admit to yourself, ‘I can play like crazy in my bedroom, but the moment I have to walk on stage I crap myself.’ Then you have to find a way of overcoming that. The first thing you gotta know is that the audience is not the judge and jury. They are not against you. The audience is with you. It’s hard to believe that when you’re terrified, but one of the best things that you can do is go out and say something like, ‘Hello. I’m nervous as Hell. Look at my hand. You should see the other one.’ Find a way of telling the audience that you’re gonna do your best but you’re very nervous. And you’ll find a surge of emotion will hit you from the audience, and it will make you feel a bit better. Practice being in front of an audience and it will slowly disappear.”

“Choose your songs wisely, and get out there and give ’em all you’ve got”

— Tommy Emmanuel on dealing with stage fright (from the July 2011 issue of Acoustic Guitar magazine).

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Posted by Brian on 23rd March 2011 in Guitar, Guitarists, Practice, The Instrument

A selection of favourite guitar quotes:

“A guitar is something you can hold and love and it’s never going to bug you. But here’s the secret about the guitar — it’s defiant. It will never let you conquer it. The more you get involved with it, the more you realize how little you know.”
Les Paul

“I got my first guitar when i was about nine years old. It took me five years to learn how to tune it but it was easy from there on.”
—The Edge

“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it, you’re gonna be rewarded.”
— Jimi Hendrix

“No matter how long you play guitar, there’s always something else to learn.”
— Tom Petty

“About 10 years ago I knew three chords on the guitar. Now, in 1982, I know three chords on the guitar.”
— Freddie Mercury

“I’d think learning to play the guitar would be very confusing for sighted people.”
— Doc Watson

“I began to learn a lot of chords and rhythms. It was a bit boring at the time but came in very handy later on.”
— Alvin Lee

“I can’t say I’ve really mastered the instrument but I’m able to get it to where it speaks for me.”
— Dave Mason

“I’m really very embarrassed about my guitar playing, in one way, because it’s very poor. I can never move but I can make a guitar speak.”
— John Lennon

“The guitar is the easiest instrument to play and the hardest to play well.”
— Andres Segovia

“I wanted to learn how to do everything a person could do on a guitar. Of course, that was impossible.”
— David Bromberg

“My chosen instrument is guitar and, fortunately, I’m able to muddle through that. I can play guitar to the point where I can express myself artistically.”
— Joe Perry

“The thing about guitar players is we’re all like a brotherhood or sisterhood. We don’t care if you’re great, good, bad, in between or whatever. As long as you love it, then we’re all going to help each other.”
— Tommy Emmanuel

“Because of its low cost, ease of playing, and quick learning curve, you should seriously consider whether the air guitar is the instrument for you.”
— Larry Sanders

“Pain or romance. That’s what I do with the guitar. I don’t do scales. I either make it sound like it’s in pain or in love.
Dick Dale

“I have always felt — from the very first day that I picked up the guitar — that this journey was never going to end.”
— Steve Vai

“There’s so much that can be done on the guitar. And that’s what is so good about the guitar — everyone can really enjoy themselves on it and have a good time, which is what it’s all about. Right?”
— Jimmy Page

“If something is too hard to do, then it’s not worth doing. You just stick that guitar in the closet next to your shortwave radio, your karate outfit and your unicycle and we’ll go inside and watch TV.”
— Homer Simpson