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Christmas Listening

Posted by Brian on 20th December 2011 in General Music, Music Review, Review

If you’re like me you find it challenging to find good Christmas music to listen to. It seems that most modern Christmas recordings are trying so hard to sound “fresh” that they overlook trying to sound good.

This year a friend introduced me to a very nice Christmas album by The Lower Lights titled “Come Let Us Adore Him”. The Lower Lights appear to be something of a musical collective who focus on performing bluegrass gospel tunes and this Christmas collection is a tastefully done recording of traditional Christmas tunes with a definite bluegrass flavour.

Have a listen:

You can order the album from their BandCamp site for US$ 11.99 or for an extra dollar plus shipping you can get an actual CD which includes a free download while you wait to receive it.

(As always, I have no financial or other interest in this band or recording.)