About Me

As A Guitarist:

I started playing guitar in 1977, when a generous neighbour gave me an old electric guitar after they upgraded to a better instrument (See my post entitled “My First Guitar“). I took formal lessons for several years and enjoyed playing in a “garage band”.

When I went to university, I discovered that a number of my friends also played and we spent many evenings jamming and learning from each other. While at university, I was also able to take a music history course.

After university, I decided that it was time to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of musical theory, so, independently, I studied theory using the Royal Conservatory curriculum.

Since moving to Uxbridge, I have been quite involved in the music program at Uxbridge Baptist Church, playing regularly in the worship band for quite a while, and continue to help out whenever I can. I have also spent some time learning to play the mandolin and briefly was able to start into the fiddle – until children arrived on the scene. Most recently, I have been learning to play bass guitar, which has proven to be a lot of fun.

Currently, I play mostly solo fingerstyle guitar, including classical, ragtime, and more contemporary pieces. I can usually be found at the York Region Fingerstyle Guitar Association’s monthly open mic at the Earl of Whitchurch in Stouffville. I also enjoy getting together with a few friends  for a fairly regular jam.

As A Music Teacher:

I started teaching music in 2003 after three people approached me in the same week to see if I would. Teaching guitar has since become one of the great joys of my life.

My teaching style is fairly formal in that I think that it is important for a musician to be able to read music, understand musical theory,  and be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles. I also think that it is important to be able to perform for people, so I am inclined to teach complete tunes rather than riffs and licks. Of course I don’t mind slanting the curriculum towards a student’s musical tastes and/or strengths.

If you live in the “Greater Uxbridge” area and are interested in music lessons, please check out my website: www.UxbridgeGuitar.com

As A Blogger:

I had long been intrigued by the idea of having a blog; a forum for my own opinions – of which there are many. As a guitarist and music teacher there are few subjects that I’d rather talk about than guitars and learning music – religion and politics maybe, but those topics are well covered by people more educated and articulate than me. Perhaps this topic is too. Nevertheless, in April 2010, I launched the UxbridgeGuitar.com blog.

Let me know what you think…