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Video of the Month: Pete Huttlinger

Posted by Brian on 24th November 2010 in Fingerstyle Guitar, Guitarists, Video of the Month

On my main website I have a page that features guitar videos – mostly solo fingerstyle guitar videos, but there are exceptions. I’ve decided that I should provide more information on some of these videos, so I’m starting a “Video of the Month” feature. (Disclaimer: While I am calling this the Video of the Month, it may happen that a month (or more) might go by without a video being posted. Please accept my apologies in advance.)

This months video features Pete Huttlinger playing a tune that I’ve been working on learning for the past month or so titled “The View”. The song was inspired when Pete was staying with friends in Colorado who had a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains from their home.

Currently living in Nashville, Pete Huttlinger is originally from Washington DC and took up the guitar at age fourteen. After high school he attended the Berklee College of Music and, in 1994, joined John Denver’s band and toured and recorded with him until his death in 1997.  In 2000, Pete won the National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship and continues to actively perform and record as both a solo artist and accompanist.

You can get a transcription of “The View” from, or as a PDF on the CD that accompanied issue #67 of Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine (2008).  The tuning is DADGBD (double dropped D) and as you can see in the video, Pete plays with a capo at the second fret.

You can check out two other videos of Pete playing this tune here and here.

Lest We Forget…

Posted by Brian on 11th November 2010 in General Music

Here is a great tune commemorating D-Day by Katherine Wheatley, played at a house concert earlier this year:


I have seen you
Full force into bullets
On a beach in France

There is a whole country who won’t forget
Who wonders what was going through your head
Those cruel hours that you spent
On the beach in France

Did the loudness of the guns
Make your feet stick in the mud?
Did you think of the one’s you loved
On the beach in France?

Did you think “who did this to me?”
Or were you thinking about your country
When you went running into bullets
On a beach in France?

Did you scream your lovers name?
Did you sink with fear and shame
Or did you keep running into bullets
On a beach in France?

Do the seashells by the shore
Still echo with the roar
Or is there peace forever more
On a beach in France?

I have seen you
Full force into bullets
On a beach in France

(I don’t think its terribly difficult to play either – Dropped D tuning, I suspect.)