“Love at First Sight”…

Posted by Brian on 14th April 2010 in DADGAD tuning, Fingerstyle Guitar, Practice

… among other things, is a solo fingerstyle guitar piece by Laurence Juber, a guitarist best known for being the lead guitarist in Paul McCartney & Wings. It is a piece that I have decided to learn how to play. I’ve been working on learning songs in DADGAD tuning and, so far, I’ve pretty much mastered Alex deGrassi’s “Sleepy Time” and I’ve made a good start on Pete Huttlinger’s arrangement of “‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus”. (DADGAD tuning is one of the more popular non-standard tunings for guitar. Basically, the first and sixth strings are tuned down a whole tone to D and the second string is also tuned down a whole tone to A.) I thought it might be fun to chronicle the journey of mastering a new piece – assuming that I get there.

April 14, 2010 – Day One.

During today’s practice time I spent two 10-15 minute blocks working on the first 8 bars of the tune. During the first block, I just worked out the notes and fingerings playing through the first 12, or so, bars a couple of times. Basically, bars 9-12 are the same as the first four bars so I decided to focus on the first eight bars. I then took a break from this tune, worked on the Pete Huttlinger arrangement a bit, played “Sleepy Time” and then returned to “Love at First Sight”.

This time I got out my metronome and worked on timing. The song calls for a tempo of 92 beats per minute (bpm) and I found that 80 bpm was a good tempo to start working at. I was able to get a feel for the tune and by the end of the session, was able to play the first eight bars reasonably well at the reduced tempo.

You can hear Laurence Juber playing “Love at First Sight” on YouTube.

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